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HealthHoop Use Guide

The HealthHoop exercise repeats acupressure and massages the waist and belly area, thereby helping bowel movements, preventing constipation, slimming the body, and energizing the body for a healthy life. It's a great exercise with many benefits.

HealthHoop Guide

Stand with your feet  shoulder width apart and slightly bend your knees. 

Hold HealthHoop  with your both hands and keep it horizontal. *Note! Do not tilt the HealthHoop.

Put HealthHoop on the surface of your back.

*Note! Do not put HealthHoop on too high.

First spin is quite important. Turn your body to one way, holding HealthHoop in your hands.

*Note! Grasp HealthHoop on

your hands. 

Spin the HealthHoop powerfully, turning your body to the opposite side in a spinning way. Be careful not to make the HealthHoop fall down by spinning it rhythmically.

*Note! Do not spin it HealthHoop

in tilted way. 

Exercise for the Entire Body

Note: Follow these motions accurately and slowly. 

Artboard 1 copy 24-8.png
Artboard 1 copy 25-8.png
Artboard 1 copy 26-8.png

Note! Keep the posture as shown No.3 for

2 seconds. Do not stand up immediately after taking the posture.

Note! When you pose like in No.2 or No.3, slowly stretch your body for two seconds.

Note! Outstretch your arms backwards while bending your knees.

Use while watching TV or listening to music.

Use while walking or jogging can increase your exercise level.

HealthHoop Workout

Shake your arms left and right, back and forth, and up and down.

Exercising every day for 20 mins to 1 hr can contribute to a balanced, resilient, healthy life.

Energetically pushing your body back and forth can help you lose more weight.


As you start using the HealthHoop, you may get bruises on your abdomen and feel a small amount of pain and/or itchiness from the acupressure and massage. These effects are temporary and you can alleviate the pain by wearing thicker sportswear or padding during exercising and soon you will be able to enjoy yourself while exercising.

Please ensure there is sufficient space in the exercise area to protect children and objects around you.

 Please do not use if pregnant, elderly, infirm, or suffering from back pain.

Please do not use if you need doctor’s advice for other illnesses.

If you are a beginner, please be careful not to drop the product on your feet. Also, do not use the product if you think there is strain to your body.

Please do not wear delicate clothing to avoid damage during exercise.

Do not use it for

purposes other than exercise.

If wet by water or rain, dry the product thoroughly before use.

Use the product evenly in both directions.

Don't use or place the product near fire.

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