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FootStretch Use Guide

Stretch your calf/back/thigh back muscles.

Easy stretching Just step on and stand to stretch.

How to Adjust? Assemble?

Three levels Incline 

Level 1, 2, & 3

  1. Take out the angle adjuster from the main part compartment.

  2. Insert the two angle adjusters into the adjusting holes as you prefer.

  3. Put both feet on the foot-shaped part on the surface of the body and stretch. If you lose your balance, it is very dangerous, so support your hands on a wall and slowly step on one foot at a time.


Insert the adjustable frame into the adjustable-hole, choosing the position whatever you prefer.


Stretching Tips 

Artboard 2 copy 4-100.jpg

When you place your feet on the exercise equipment, you can feel the muscles in the back of your calf relax. If the stretch is weak, adjust the incline, and do not overdo the stretching exercise as it is effective in 5-10 seconds.

Artboard 2 copy 3-100.jpg

Turn the exercise equipment over and place it under your waist. Stretch as if you are traightening your body.


  • Be cautious of accidents and do not over do the stretch. Start from step 1.

  • If you have an abnormality in your calf or achilles tendon, stop using it immediately.

  • Do not use this product for any purpose other than stretching exercises (rests, etc.).

  • There is a risk of accident, so be careful while using the exercise equipment.

  • Do not use where there is a risk of falling or slipping.

  • Do not store it outdoors/in direct sunlight/high temperature/next to fire as it may damage due to heat.

  • Use of alcohol such as thinner or benzene may cause discoloration or scratches. Wipe the surface with a clean soft towel.

  • Check if the angle adjuster is put in the correct position.

  • Please be careful not to let small children play with this product or put angle adjusters and anti-slip grips in their mouths.

Appearance are subject to change without notice.


There are individual differences in effectiveness and efficacy.

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