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Healthy Life, Beautiful Life With HealthHoop

Thank you for visiting our website. HealthHoop is a healthy exercise that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors by all ages.

Established in 1991

Letter from Jiseo Kim, CEO

We were founded on the belief that a simple HealthHoop can help you lead a healthier life and restore your vitality. We research and develop our products with this belief as our guiding mission and we serve many markets around the world.

Our products are shaped by feedback from HealthHoop enthusiasts from the world over and we strive to meet your health and exercise needs.


With HealthHoop, you will see health and beauty.


Thank you.


Jiseo Kim, CEO

of PYUNGHWAIndustrial Company

Our Location

9, Hasinjungang-ro 27 beon-gil, Saha-gu,​ Busan, Korea

zipcode: 49477

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Tel: +82-51-265-7007

Fax : +82-51-265-6784

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